trickle down economics…at Reagan National

Paloma  Vasari Blog Post:

Dale Ride Intern

….Ok let’s see, I’ve got everything with me and I’m starving.

As I walk off the plane I see Wave ahead of me her hand signaling ‘this way’. For a minute there I found myself in a Bugs Bunny Cartoon-something like a scene from Wackiki Wabbit the point in which Bugs Bunny is trapped on a desert Island. I begin to imagine my companion as a juicy rotisserie chicken on a spit…Waves arm a lovely golden chicken wing.. urhmm..but I digress.

You’ll be happy to know Wave is alive and well and having a fabulous time at the Department of Education (its the first time I discuss this publicly-quite soothing).

Just a few minutes into my arrival in Washington DC-home of The Lincoln Memorial, The Washington Monument…  I spot an American Institution: A Cheeseburger Joint! I literally felt my stomach smile. Wave and I sat down for a couple of cheeseburgers, fries and fresh squeezed lemonade!IMG_1656

Yikes! $35.00! Each! + the $60 bucks for luggage we didn’t expect, + the cab ride? $#*@! I suppose we could have shared our burger…we are splitting the cab ride about $30 greenbacks.

$110 lighter we head for George Washington University in the Foggy Bottom section of the city. As our cab drives through tree lined streets I recall the beautiful intersections I had photocopied to my mind.

Students in flip flops, backpacks around their shoulders, dressed in Polo-all making their way into Whole Foods Market…wow, Whole Foods, the only grocery store I spot in the neighborhood.

Hmm..If we shop here it will be whole scholarship instead of paycheck. No worries, I have my maps with me and I already identified parts of the city where I can find a Safeway, Trader Joe’s and local ethnic markets found in the  Mount Pleasant neighborhood off 16th street. The community has welcomed refugees for years diversity of population and prices. Plenty of mom and pop stores with affordable prices.

There is Independence Ave! ‘If the cabbie knows what he is doing..he will take Constitution Ave, circle around the monument, hit Pennsylvania Ave and turn on H and 22nd street to Amsterdam Hall-our destination’ my mind flashed.

Sure enough onto Constitution and there before me stood this Beauty! Passing it, I caught Wave, a broad smile and countless possibilities zigzagging across her eyes, as we looked on together.


We are really here! 


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