IMG_0870-1IMG_1015IMG_1047Taking five college students and sending them across the country to live in D.C. for a summer, sounds like the beginning of a crazy MTV social experiment trailer. We are from different walks of life, venturing down many different paths, yet share the commonality of being driven and adventurous SMC students.


I did not anticipate the close bonds I would make during my time here in D.C. It has been so inspiring and motivating being around my peers, who are dedicated and hopeful for the future. We all have differing aspirations, but it has been so amazing to see and learn from our differences.


Paloma, Maguy, Marco, and Precious are key contributors in making my experience here in D.C. so memorable. I could not have picked a better group to travel across the country and survive rigorous internships with.


I not only have found friendships within the group I came here with, but also with my fellow interns in the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education in the U.S. Department of Education. Between the five OESE interns, we created a tight-knit support system. Every day we would joke through group chat, giggle in the intern cave, and eat lunch together.


Coming to D.C. has been an amazing experience, but sharing this experience with my peers is what has made it especially special.

-Wave 🙂

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