Micca’s first, second day in DC, Warning: not something important..

I am going to DC…  Well, let’s see what’s waiting.

Day 1

I arrived DC Dulles International Airport (Not pretty at all….) at 5:20 in the morning.  So I decided to grab a bite and charge my phone. The picture below cost me 14 dollars ( not recommend at all).



I decide to take a bus so that I can save the budget of my transportation cost for the day, which already is in my stomach.

When I step out of the airport and get to take a look at the airport from the outside… I suddenly have a strange feeling that I am in North Korea…. although I’ve never been there.IMG_7403.JPGIMG_7402.JPG

When I was waiting for the bus…


The bus took me 7.5 dollars to downtown DC, I had to take an Uber to the GW housing reception. It cost me 3.5.

This is where you should go and get your room key: Amsterdam Hall


Our dorm is in Munson Hall, when I walk in I am a little bit shocked… it looks like a  factory


Our dorm is OK since Laura has already done all the cleaning… So it is pretty good! haha… Senator Laura always serves the people.


Yes, I have my own wardrobe.


Yeah, I am chilling again…IMG_7414.JPG

Dale Ride DC interns officially have their first dinner together… Dane got the premium package… What a Dane???IMG_7423.JPG

Dane shared a burger with me …IMG_7425.JPG

We didn’t want to leave the building. This is how we look like when we are forced to go for a walk – Cal don’t care…


DC is splendid because any random building could be something humongous. 


Day 2

This is our breakfast of the second day. Me and Dane cooked together. Team work make the breakfast work.




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