First day of becoming an OXFAMily

Day 3

My first day working at Oxfam, I got up at 7:30 and took a shower. Of course some breakfast …EXCITED


I walked to work feeling awesome…

Oxfam occupies the entire top floor of the building… it is huge… In Marco’s  ( dale ride intern of 2016) picture, it looked really bad… Come on Marco! You can do better…

In reality Oxfam is speechlessly huge… Yeah, I am from LA, we do stuff in flat houses.. OK?

This is the front desk…


I really wanted to take lots of pictures but I held back… I don’t want to look unprofessional… So I took a lot of pictures the next day….

JoJo- our front desk nice girl gave us a tour…

Our Lobby


This is the view from our officeIMG_7489.JPG

Free gym access for interns and staff.. also city bikes access..


This is my desk.. The girl next to me is Chinese, and also an intern ..She has a PHD.. I am a community college student… I feel so lucky! (Dre dre is the best! SMC is the best!!)… People sitting on the other side of my desk belongs to OXFAM Global. We are Oxfam America.


We have 3 of these corner rooms for meeting and chilling… Two of them are called Mahatma Gandhi Room and Nelson Mandela Room


Inside Nelson Mandela Room…


This is our Lounge, people sometimes work hereIMG_7496.JPG

This is our storage room for big meetings.


This is our dressing room for official meetings&congressional visiting. A room for dry clean clothes… Me sneaking pictures…


This is our supply room.. lots lots of supplies…


Our Kitchen.. The best thing: I am sitting next to it….


We had our Skype orientation with our HR from Boston Headquarter. Lunch is provided…We had our lunch together.. remotely.. Oxfam impressed me for being a well-organized organization.

IMG_7543 2.JPG

After Orientation, I met with my advisor/ Manager/ Boss, she is a Muslim. and she is super cool. She is down to the earth, she is wise and understanding. Trust builds quickly.
Well… This is my first day of work. I really enjoyed it… The task I am taking on is very challenging and interesting…





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