My first night in D.C. was astounding. On my way to see where I would be spending the next 10 weeks of my summer, I realized what a great privilege it is to be here. If someone had told me two years ago that I would have the courage to run for leadership, be awarded the Dale Ride Scholarship for D.C., have secured an internship for my Senator’s office, be accepted to UC Berkeley Haas School of Business and come out of the closet; I would have laughed in disbelief.

20170505_135452(0) This was my first visit after getting accepted to UC Berkeley. GO BEARS!!!!!!!

Santa Monica College has been more than just a stepping stone. This is the place where I met my closest friends; friends who have become like family. It’s the place where I found a community in which I finally felt I belonged. Every lesson is something I will keep with me, building upon my new-found confidence. A confidence that is distinct from someone who is arrogant. The relationships I built are something I plan to hold on to, each one shaping the person I am today.

fullsizeoutput_7Rainbow cross walk on U street celebrating pride week

I plan on taking everything Santa Monica College has taught and apply it in my internship. I will make the most of every day, always keeping in mind that this internship comes with immense privilege. To be a gay Latinx student from a low-income background to be interning in D.C., is something I will never take for granted. I will forever be thankful to Santa Monica College, the Dale Ride Family, the SMC Foundation along with all the donors, and the Office of Campus Relations.

20170708_231654Night stroll along the Potomac River overlooking the Thomas Jefferson Memorial 

I look forward to keeping everyone updated on the experience as an intern on the Hill. Really looking forward to enjoying this summer and learning as much as possible, taking advantage of every opportunity.

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