The first week at OXFAM- meaningful

I met up with my manager and received some immediate tasks to take on.  I was informed of our upcoming lobby day, which was the second Tuesday of my internship at Oxfam. I also learned that Oxfam is campaigning against the U.S. FY18 budget cuts of Foreign Aid. The organization has a program called Sister on the Planet(SOP), which contains a diverse group of American women who are leaders in everything from business, to politics to the arts. “SOP ambassadors are united by a common goal: to use their influence to fight global poverty, hunger, and injustice, with a particular focus on empowering women and girls worldwide..” (Oxfam Website) Some of the SOPs would fly in to DC and lobby their congressional office with Oxfam staff. My tasks included organizing and formating the educational PowerPoint, which would be presented in front of the SOPs during the lobby day. It may sound very easy, but in reality, it was time-consuming because of some unexpected updates. As a result, I always had to work extra hours for the updates. I remember I got off at 9:30 on the first Friday of my internship, feeling fulfilled.

Besides that, I also happened to attend the farewell party for our outgoing president, Raymond C. Offenheiser. He is a person who can earn your respect in the first second when you meet with him. He briefly talked about how OXFAM grows from picking up used office furnitures on the street to a large influential organization today;He mentioned how Oxfam America started with 7k revenue to today’s 80 million revenue; How it remains its influence on the Hill and over the world. He also highlighted Oxfam’s independence from the U.S. government by not receiving Federal Aid; Oxfam worked closely with the White House during the Clinton Administration; And the work OXFAM did during the Afghanistan warfare, in which OXFAM, along with the UN, facilitated the delivery of humanitarian supplies to civilians in need, including allowing aid agencies access to communication facilities for both logistical and delivery verification processes. Although I wasn’t a part of OXFAM by then, I can feel the weight of the overwhelming memory of those past happiness, tears, and accomplishment , which I was not a part of.

Last but not least, I attended the event, a conversation with Mike Pence, held by the Wilson Center. As a non-registered participant, I was very glad that I tried my luck and actually “sneaked into” the event legally and successfully. The conversation gave me a direct interaction with someone influential from the current administration and to some extent, it brought me a new perspective. It also reaffirmed my motto- if you never try, you’ll never know.


Conversation with Vice President Mike Pence, it was fun!



Dane and I went to the event- Standing Against Violence # JusticeforNabra. It was for the Muslim teen, Nabra Hassanen, who was kidnapped and dolled in Virginia in a potential hate crime. Later on, I found out my manager and her family attend the event too!


This is a little accident that happened during cooking. Dane and I were cooking together, we had a small burst of fire that activated the fire extinguisher box.  The next thing I know was it ruined Dane’s dinner. Due to my fast reaction, I saved my food and took this picture…


Don’t worry! Dane never joined me cooking afterwards.

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