The start of my Final Month

Weeks 5 and 6: Monday, July 10 – Friday, July 21st

I can’t believe a month and a half has already come and gone.

Two more weeks have passed, and I participated in two new training sessions pertaining to creating Congressional Certificates of Recognition and Phone banking for an event.

Have you ever wondered how Congressional Certificates of Recognition are made?

See Below for a 2014 example:


(Found the picture online, did not want to take a picture of one made this summer since they are upcoming events)

Anyone who is a constituent of Congressmember Karen Bass can as for a Congressional Letter and/ or a Certificate. The office makes them for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Letter for Event Program or Journal
  • Certificate of Recognition
  • Personal Letter (birthday, condolence, anniversary)
  • Other occasions (such as family reunion, Eagle Scout, etc.)
  • Grant Application Introductory Letter (formerly known as a support letter)

Two weeks ago the office started finalizing projects for an upcoming event Congressmember Karen Bass will be hosting on Saturday, July 29th.

This Saturday CKB will he meeting breakfast with Faith leaders. This is an opportunity for Faith Leaders to engage with the member, in order to discuss the policies the Trump Administration has implemented and how they will affect the South LA community.

To make sure the event has a great turn out, we had to mail out over 100 invitations to several different Faith Leaders. You can see below just a start of a few stacks that were ready to be put in envelopes.


This brings me to the second training: phone banking:

Last week I called over 100 churches in hopes of inviting several Pastors, Reverends, and overall Faith Leaders to the event.

On a completely side note this summer I tried my first Poke Bowl ^.^ , which was recommended by a staff member.

I have also completed a proposal that will hopefully be presented at some point to Congressmember Karen Bass. The project is to allow her to reach constituents who are interested in starting or expanding their business. 

The short term goals for this project include:

  1. Rainsing CKB’s visibility on Business issues
  2. Provide services to constituents
  3. Propose a curated set of meetings, teleconferences and live webinars

While the long term goals include:

  1. Economic empowerment of South LA
  2. Commercial and economic ties to Africa

One a side note:

Can you believe I barely tried my first Poke Bowl last week? Well neither could Claudia (a staff member at the DO office).

The one you see below is Spicy Tuna… before I cleaned out the bowl.


Today (July 24Th) is her (Claudia’s) Birthday, the one who recommended me the Poke Bowl.

Since she has taught me so much, and I truly respect and admire her,  I decided to decorated her computer for when she returns July 31st.


This is an amazing office to work with, because it has a great work environment. Everyone gets their tasks accomplished, but there is always the right amount of fun and social life in the mix.

One of the perks of staying in LA is that I got to participate in my Transfer BBQ for LMU.

For those that don’t know yet…


I am no longer a Bruin, but a Lion instead.

Maria de Jesus Lopez Zamudio

Monday, July 24th 2017





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