NYC & Public Service Weekend

Hello everyone! 🙂

It has been a while since I don’t post anything here, so I decided to update all of you in all the cool things that have been happening during my Dale Ride experience.

  • On June 14th, I had the chance to go on a trip to NYC to explore the city and most important of all – visit the United Nations Headquarters. If you know me well enough, you know that as an International Relations and Human Rights passionate, I dream big of one day representing Brazil at the U.N as well as working at an international level to fight for human rights policies! I loved the experience of finally getting to visit the place I hope to work one day!
    I remember seeing the photo of the U.N Headquarters as a photo of my Poli Sci 7 Textbook, I loved to get to experience this in person! By the way, this photo will worth a good money in the future lol


  • Also, I would like to mention that growing up I have always wanted to live in N.Y one day because I feel you can never get bored over there hahah. A lot of people ask  why I did not choose to go to school in the Big Apple, and I always answer that there will be the right time to live in this big city. Meanwhile, I tried to explore the most that I could! Here are some photos from N.Y:
    This place is so beautiful that it is impossible not to smile when you are there!

    The skyline is awesome! I loved taking this photo.
  • Coming back from NYC, I could not feel more grateful to be back in D.C. and feel that I was arriving home. After getting out of the bus, I noticed how different the architecture is from one city to another. Just a photo to prove it:

    Photo by Edgar Morales.
  • On the following weekend, I had the chance to attend the Public Service Weekend hosted by the Carnegie Mellon University, Heinz College. I decided to apply for this conference to network with young professionals that are also passionate about public service, as well as hearing from their guest speakers and learning more about Graduate School. The theme of the weekend was: “Technology and Societal Change – What Leaders of Tomorrow Need to Know Today.”
  • I learned so much from this experience! We had guest speakers who work at the White House, the Chamber of Commerce, Amazon, USAID and much more! Besides hearing these amazing people talking about creating real change and the impact of public policy on people’s lives, we had to work in teams to discuss the impact of technology in our future communities and how we can use public policy to shape this impacts positively!
    Here is our team working on our project! We had to create a one minute video to represent the growth of Smart Classrooms and how it impacted our community.

    That is us presenting our video! (Look at me on the screen too!) From Left to right: Yalun Feng, Iqra Nasir, Seneca Williams, Miguel Patino and Jessica Lapitan.
  • The best part of this Public Service weekend is that I had the chance to meet these diverse students that will be absolutely be great leaders for our tomorrow!


Thank you for reading this post! I’ll be soon posting more about my last few days in D.C.

With love,

Stephany Triska.

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