It is almost over…

Week 7: Monday, July 24th – Saturday, July 29th

Another week has come and gone and I have never scanned so much in my life. Between another intern and I, we scanned over 5,000 sheets of paper.

I forgot to take before and after pictures, but on left of the picture is the side we did not get to until Wednesday. What you see on the right side is what we worked on Tuesday. We had to work with stacks and label the packets since we had to email them out to D.C.

You would think it is an easy and simple task, but you would be surprised what happens when you have to unstaple packets of work.

It literally took us two two full days of work, and we added about 40 years of life to the poor machine.



The rest of the week consisting preparing for the Faith Leaders Breakfast that was hosted at the USC Radisson Hotel on Saturday.


I had the opportunity to print out the itinerary for the event for our 100+ guests

IMG_43511         IMG_43491.jpg

At the event, a few interns and I were tasked with check in, quick picture of the booth ^.^


After the event, all of us interns had the opportunity to speak with CKB for an hour.

Although I do not have pictures from that meeting, I would like to share my thank you card that I wrote for her.

Anyone who knows me knows I love writing hand written letter. She appeared to be thrown off guard because she was definitely not expecting it. However, she genuinely seemed to appreciate it.


Quick Note: This week I also created several more certificates of recognition and completed a closing letter. I also had to opportunity for a 3rd time to use my bilingual skills and help a constituent in Spanish.

Ohhhh and I tried Soba for my First Time ^.^



Maria de Jesus Lopez Zamudio

Monday, July 31st 2017




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